RHB Bank’s Credit Card Online & Related Products & Services

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RHB Bank Ready to Take control of the Domestic Financial Segment

Currently, RHB Bank is considered the main competitors in the Malaysian finance and banking segment. Seeking to grow the horizon within South East Asia region, they’ve laid their foundation in countries which includes Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, and Singapore. In making sure that the organization is scalable, RHB introduced a vast selection of banking services like currency exchange to organizations and businesses and individuals for both personal and commercial needs.

Individuals and corporations are free to create their savings and current account with RHB Bank conveniently and get a very competitive interest rate as they transfer money into their bank account. Should they wish to make any transactions online, they can efficiently utilize internet banking services, RHB Now. For offline sales, they’re able to access the ATM & CDM machines and also any MEPS ATM conveniently for withdrawal.

As the Bank witnesses the change of trend from the traditional purchasing method by cash to an online purchase, they found that there’s also an increasing demand for credit cards. Reliant on the data from an analysis conducted that suggests the public’s increasing worldwide recognition towards online purchases, it is undeniable that offering credit card services is one of the main strategies RHB Bank needs to be pushing forward-and they did just that.

RHB Bank

Knowing there is an urgent need to close the gap between demand and supply, the Bank took an extra step of progress to offer value-added credit card services that give cashback and numerous other benefits the account holder can enjoy when they use it to make purchases.

Nonetheless, the Bank appreciates that banking goes past credit cards and savings. Nowadays, many individuals depend on loans to make asset purchases, nevertheless getting loans approved can undoubtedly be a time-consuming process. So, RHB Bank had made a flexible policy for everyone with a minimum interest rate for a lot of different types of loans. Moreover, personal financial investment, unit trust, and also insurance plans are also being offered.

For enterprises and entrepreneurs, corporate banking facilities are provided. They can take a business loan or maybe even engage with RHB for corporate & investment banking. Planning to be sure that their services are top-rated, RHB has also offered online cash management and asset management services.


Small-medium enterprises are amongst those who can enjoy the most benefits. They are welcomed to apply for loans should capital injection is needed as they scale their businesses. In addition to that, RHB Bank even offers retails solutions to the appropriate customers, particularly those in e-commerce business.

Yet, RHB Bank hasn’t overlooked the demand for Islamic banking facilities. In Malaysia, Syariah-compliant products or services are highly demanded. Therefore, products or services, which includes wealth management, unit trust, Islamic treasury, and corporate banking, are mainly developed to assure that all transactions adhere to the Syariah requirement.

RHB Bank has seen a 24% annual brand value growth in 2016, which automatically places them in the top 5 positions for banks in the local market. In anticipation of the expected market growth, the Bank has begun strategizing a more proactive strategy for currency exchange to keep its growth rate steady for years to come.

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